• Health Services

  • Students entering school for the first time in Hawai‘i are required to have a current Tuberculin Mantoux/ PPD or chest x-ray and physical examination (within a year of entering school). Immunizations are required for school and a completed State Health form (Form 14). Non compliance will exclude the child from school.
  • Resources
    Hawaiʻi Dept. of Education: Health & Nutrition
    Hawai‘i Government Alerts
    Kids Health
    Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
    Safe Kids World Wide

  • School Health Room Services

    * Basic First Aid
    * Identification of students with special health problems or special needs
    * Hearing Screening - Grades K, 2, 5 (also includes height and weight)
    * Dental Screening - Grade 3
    * Parent notification regarding: communicable disease control, follow-up of student's medication, problems related to students health and development, and referrals when appropriate to outside community resources.
    * Administration of medication - see below under Medication.
    *Uku (head lice) check when needed

  • Injury and Illness in School

    If a student becomes ill or is injured in school, the school will administer first aid care and the parents/guardians will be notified by telephone. If a serious injury occurs or a life threatening situation occurs at school, paramedics may be called as well as the parents. Please make sure an up-to-date emergency card is on file.

  • Medication

    School personnel are not authorized to give medication to children. Medication for temporary or prolonged conditions can be administered in school only with medical authorization from the doctor and upon the receipt of properly completed forms from the Department of Health. Please contact the health aide at 305-5900, ext. 3055913 for further information.

  • Uku or Head Lice -Pediculosis

    If a child has pediculosis (uku or head lice) the health aide will call the parent or guardian to pick up their child from school. Parents or guardians must use uku shampoo to kill the live uku and nits. They must report to the health aide in the morning with their parent or guardian and get a clearance pass to re-enter the classroom.
    If the child isn't cleared, s/he will return home with their parent/guardian until the head lice and nits are all removed.
    Resource: Welcome to HeadLice.Org: The National Pediculosis Association,® Inc.

  • Student Insurance

    Student Accident Insurance is unavailable at this time. All students should be insured. Please contact HMSA, Kaiser, Quest or other Health Care providers if you do not have medical coverage for your child.

  • Change of Personal Information

    Please notify the office, health room and classroom teacher whenever your address, phone number or any other pertinent information changes. This is necessary for the safety and well-being of your child; especially during emergency situations.

  • Emergency Preparedness

    The school administration has developed plans of action that will be followed in cases of emergency.
    Procedures and responsibilities for all school personnel are available at the Civil Defense website.

    In the event of an emergency and the school needs to be closed, please review the following procedures.
    1. Listen to the radio or TV for information on school closure.
    2. Either parent or authorized person on file needs to pick up student(s) as soon as possible.
    3. Check the cafeteria or classroom to pickup the student. BRING A PICTURE ID AND SIGN FOR RELEASE OF THE STUDENT. Your child will not be released without proper identification and authorization.
    4. Your child will be kept at school in the classroom, cafeteria or office until pick up.
    5. If the emergency requires an EVACUATION of the school, students will be relocated to the Kāne‘ohe Community & Senior Center at 45-613 Pū‘ōhala St. A sign will be posted at the school.

    For further information, please feel free to contact the school office at 305-5900.

    Hawaiʻi Civil Defense
    Hawaiʻi Disaster Preparedness
    Hawaiʻi Dept. of Education: Emergencies (includes brochures in various languages)
    Hawai‘i Government Alerts
    Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

    Disaster Readiness Tips for People with Mobility Disabilities
    Saving the Whole Family: Disaster Preparedness for Small and Large Animals
    Coping with Disaster

    • Bomb Evacuation

      When it is deemed necessary to evacuate school premises as in a bomb threat, Pū‘ōhala students will walk to the Kāne‘ohe Community & Senior Center and remain there until civil authorities declare the school site safe.

    • Flood

      Pū‘ōhala School is located on low level ground. We are aware that flooding could occur. Should it be necessary to evacuate the buildings and grounds, we will use the steps on the west end of our campus leading to Wena Street and assemble there. In case of a flash flood where time does not permit evacuation, students from the first floors will gather on the second floor immediately above their homeroom.

    • Severe Wind and/or Rain

      In case of heavy rains, the decision for closing schools in the Castle Complex will be made by the office of the Complex Area Superintendent (CAS). Parents are asked to listen to the radio for instructions.

      On extremely wet and windy days, please use your judgment about sending children to school even if school is in session. Our concern is for the safety of your children while they are on their way to school.

      Should you wish to come for your child before the regular close of the school day, please report to our office first. If you are coming to pick up children of friends and/or relatives, come prepared to show evidence (written if possible) that his is the parent's/guardian's wish.
      Resource: Hurricanes for Kids — Safety Resources, Facts & Projects

    • Tidal Wave -Tsunami

      Pū‘ōhala School is generally considered safe and protected from the dangers of tidal waves/tsunami. We will follow the instructions given for flooding in case tidal wave warnings are received.

    • Nuclear Attack

      If several hours of warning is available, students will remain in their classes and be dismissed in an orderly manner from the room as parents, relatives or friends come for them. Remaining students will be supervised by teachers until provisions are made to return home. In any event, the Civil Defense Emergency Broadcast System (KGU 760 or KAIM 870) directions will be followed.

    • Early Release

      Should you wish to come for your child before the regular close of school, please report to our office first. If you are coming to pick up children of friends and/or relatives, come prepared to show evidence (written if possible) that this is their desire.

    Campus Safety

    • No Supervision before 7 a.m. and After School Hours

      Adult supervisors are on duty at 7 a.m. to provide safety and protection in the Cafeteria. We cannot be responsible for the safety of children on the campus before this time. All grades will line up under the blacktop by the custodial room when the warning bell rings. Students are not allowed to go to their classrooms until then. As soon as the school day is over, students are to immediately report to A+, tutoring or their home. We are not responsible for students when the school day ends. Parents need to provide supervision for their child such as the A+ program or other sanctioned services.
      For more information on safety and rules, visit Campus & Parking on this website.