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Meal Services

SchoolCafe provides a secure, online system for parents to make payments to their student(s) cafeteria meal account(s); set low balance alerts for each account; and review the buying history.

Quick Answers:

1.  What information do I need to have before registering with SchoolCafe?
Student(s) ID number and a valid email address.

2. Where do I get my student's Student ID?
Student ID information can be obtained by contacting Pūʻōhala Office 305-5900 and asking for the student's ID. Nutrition Services office or staff cannot release this number.

3. What do I do if the system says that my username or password is invalid?
Please contact Customer Support at www.schoolcafe.com, or email customercare@schoolcafe.com or call 855-729-2328 (855-PAY2EAT)

4. What payment cards are accepted?
Credit/Check cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo.

5. What are the different payment methods?
Payments can be set up as either one-time or automatic.

6. What if I set automatic payment and the credit/check card I used has expired?
The payment will not be approved and you will receive an email specifying the reason.

7. Can I apply online for the free and reduced meal program?
Yes! To apply online visit our Meal Application page!

8. How do I add money/make a payment to my child's account?
You can continue to send money to school with your child or you can add money in SchoolCafe.com.  Follow the steps posted on the SchoolCafe.com page.

9. I made an online payment. How long will it be before my student can use the payment?
Your account is updated within 24 to 48 hours - but sometimes as quickly as 2 hours.

10. Am I charged a fee or service charge for making an online payment?
A 5% convenience fee is charged for each online payment transaction. This is a fee by the vendor, SchoolCafe.  The district does not receive any of these fees. There is no charge to utilize SchoolCafe to view student meal accounts, balances or set up notices. 

11. Can I receive notification when my student account balances are low?
Yes! Follow the steps in Set up a low balance alert posted on the main page.
I was trying to make a payment and it locked my account - why? After three failed payment attempts, your payment function is locked. Please contact Customer Support at www.schoolcafe.com, or email customercare@schoolcafe.com or call 855-729-2328 (855-PAY2EAT) to have the lock removed.

12. What if I have several students in different schools?
You can include as many students as you need in your account and the students can attend any Hawaii DOE public school. Payments for each student are made separately.

13. Can I transfer money from one child to another?
No. Contact Nutrition Services at 907-451-1004 and we will be happy to make account transfers.

14. What happens to the money in my account at the end of the school year?
Your account balance moves with your student(s) from grade to grade and school to school within the Hawaii DOE. You can request a refund from the Child Nutrition Services Office. Depending on the requested amount, refunds are issued in either cash or check form. Allow two weeks for administrative processing of check requests. You must provide a valid mailing address.

15. What is the website for SchoolCafe?

*You will be asked to verify your security answer and contact information when you request help with your username, password, or other information on you Profile Page.


1. Register
a. Click Register
b. Select I'm a Parent and click Next
c. Enter your school district name (Hawaii DOE) then click Next
d. Enter your name and contact information, and click Next Step
e. Set up username and password
f. Select a Security Question and enter a Security Answer, and click Next Step
g. Click I'm not a robot and follow the reCAPTCHA prompts (if they appear)
h. Check I accept the Terms & Conditions and click Create My Account

2. Add your Student(s)
a. Click Students then Student Accounts
b. Click Add a Student
c. Enter your studentʻs 10 digit school ID
d. Select your studentʻs School
e. Click Search & Verify Student
f. Click Add this Student
*Your district may ask for different or additional information.

3. Add Payment Source
a. Click My Account then Payment Sources
b. Click Add a Card
c. Enter a short Friendly Card Name to identify the card
d. Enter your Card Number
e. Enter Card Expiration date
f. Click Add Card

4. Make a Payment
a. Click Students then Make a Payment
b. Enter dollar amount in Payment for each student
c. Click Next
d. Select a Payment Source, or enter card information for a one-time payment
e. Click Submit Payment


Set Automatic Payment
1. Click Students then Automatic Payments
2. Click Set in a student listing
3. Enter dollar amount in Payment Amount
4. Enter dollar amount in Balance Threshold to trigger an automatic payment
5. Select a Payment Source, or enter information for a new card
6. Enter a date in Expire Auto Pay On to stop automatic payments
7. Click Save

Set Low Balance Alert
1. Click Students then Student Accounts
2. Click the Bell Icon (Low Balance Alert) in a student listing
3. Enter dollar amount to trigger the alert Threshold
4. Enter number of days to expire before resending the alerts
5. Click Save