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Papa Mākua and PTA Information

The purpose of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and the Hawaiian Immersion Papa Mākua is to be a resource to the school in curricular and extra-curricular activities, including May Day programs, Fun Fair, fundraising for special activities and other programs of value to the students and the school. These organizations encourage parental involvement in fundraising and volunteerism.  Field trips, incentives, teacher supplies are all made possible through the annual fundraising projects sponsored by the PTA and Papa Mākua. 

All members of the Pū‘ōhala family are encouraged to become a member and participate actively in meetings and functions. The membership fee is nominal. Officers are elected annually and serve on the Executive Board, which meets monthly with the principal and a teacher representative. Executive Board meetings are open to anyone interested, but voting rights are reserved for Board members. If you are interested in running as a Board member, please call the school office at 233-5660.

Join the PTA! It's easy... just a click away for the Membership Form. The yearly dues are tax deductible. Donations are welcome, too! Your kokua is greatly appreciated.

Papa Mākua Board
Pelekikena (President): Carol Pā‘ao‘ao 233-5667
Hope Pelekikena (Vice): Tara Tuilemoa
Kakau ‘Ōlelo (Secretary): Jesica Von Hauki
Pu‘uku (Treasurer):
Ardis Eschenberg

Papa Mākua Meetings Held: Once a month on the third Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Cafeteria
Check the calendar and the outdoor sign located next to the cafeteria for updates.
Click here for Papa Mākua News
Hookahi ka ilau like ana --Wield the paddles together: work together CFES

Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Board
President: Tisha Reed
Vice President: vacant
Treasurer: FamilySchoolCommunityMarsha Colotario
Secretary: Shawn Colotario
Teacher Liaison: Patti Sanpei
Community Liaison: Carol Pā‘ao‘ao
Principal: Alexis Kāne

PTA Meetings Held: Monthly on a Thursday at 6p .m. at Zippys (Check the calendar and the outdoor sign located next to the cafeteria for updates.

PTA Minutes:  
January 6, 2014  



Click here for 2013 McTeacher Night at McDonalds and Imu Fundraiser

Join the PTA! It's easy... just a click away for the Membership Form. The yearly dues are tax deductible. Donations are welcome, too! Your kokua is greatly appreciated.

Help the PTA Board!

  1.  All Star Families!
    To remain in good standing with the Hawaii State PTSA, a minimum of 15 Pū‛ōhala PTA members is required. More PTA members are needed!  If you would like to join, please complete the enclosed application and turn it in along with payment, to your child’s teacher.
    Working for you!
    This year, the PTA voted to help our families by easing school supply cost.  Paper towels, band-aids, hand soap and 3-prong folders were removed from all classroom lists and purchased by the PTA.  We couldn’t have done it without your support!
    PTA supports the schools in many ways... subsidizing field trips, providing teachers with classroom funds ($10 per child), paying for special events (such as Open House dinner, drownproofing program, etc.), bus transportation,school planners and more!
    Let’s continue to work together to make this an outstanding school year.
  2. Fun Family Activities such as movie night

News from the PTA:

Calling all grant writers! We need you! Please contact the office if you are available to assist the Pū‘ōhala ‘Ohana in writing for teacher positions, supplies, programs and other educational resource to supplement/expand our program.

Our school librarian, Patti Matsuura, needs help!  If you like to file books, please call Mrs. Matsuura at 233-5660.  Any day and any time is very much appreciated! 

Teachers must make numerous copies of lessons for classroom use.  Volunteers are needed to assist in copying materials between the hours of 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.  If interested, please notify your child’s teacher.  They will appreciate your help very much!!

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Additional Web Resource:
Hawai‘i State Department of Education Family Support Website: Family*School*Community Partnering for a Better Tomorrow
**Downloadable Parent Guide
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