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Policies and Procedures

The information contained in the "Pū‘ōhala INFORMATION" menu on the right provides descriptions of the policies, procedures and services here at Pū‘ōhala Elementary School. Behavioral expectations for all our students are also explained under "Campus Rules."

Please take the time to read the school policies and procedures. This information is available in booklet form at the Office.

Emergency Cards
Completed Emergency card(s) should be returned immediately. Please include the names of three local people who will be available to help your child in case of illness or accident. Changes of address or telephone number should be reported to the school office at once. When emergencies arise it is necessary for us to have the correct information.

Absence Reporting
To assure your child's safety, if a child is to be absent from school, parents must call the school before 7:30 A.M. to notify us of the absence. For your convenience, a voice mail system will take early morning messages. Please leave your child's name, grade, teacher's name and the length of the absence. Our secretary is available after 7:00 A.M. to take the same information. If a child is absent and no report has been received, the school health aide must call parents at home or work to verify the absence. The school will only excuse absences when written documentation (note) is submitted within three (3) days upon student's return to school and absences meet acceptable criteria.

Safety on Campus
Children should not arrive before 7 a.m. when supervisors are on duty to provide safety and protection in the Cafeteria. We can not be responsible for the safety of children on the campus before this time. All grades will line up under the blacktop by the custodial room when the warning bell rings. Students are not allowed to go to their classrooms until then. As soon as the school day is over, students are to immediately report to A+, tutoring or their home. We are not responsible for students when the school day ends. Parents need to provide supervision for their child such as the A+ program or other sanctioned services.

Gifts to Teachers and Other School Personnel
Department Of Education (DOE) policy 1320 states: "The presentation of gifts by individual pupils to teachers and principals and administrative officers should be discouraged throughout the department organizations."

While the thoughtfulness is appreciated, we wish to eliminate embarrassing situations that may occur from such transactions.

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