Hui Mākua

Staff Directory Pueo

Principal 305-5900  
School Administrative Service Assistant -SASA 305-5900 x3055903
Office Clerk / Registrar 305-5900 x3055902
Accounts Clerk 305-5900 x3055901
Health Aide 305-5900 x3055913
Student Services Coordinator -SSC 305-5900 x3055912
Librarian 305-5900 x3055905
Counselor 305-5900 x3055923
PCNC Parent Community Networking Center 305-5900 x3055926
Cafeteria 305-5900 x3055940
PreK Special Education A-3
PreK Special Education A-5
305-5900 x3055917
Curriculum Coordinator
Curriculum Coordinator, HLIP
305-5900 x3055934
Speech Therapy Services 305-5900 x3055926
A+ after school program 305-5900 x3055941
Behavioral Specialist and Social Worker 305-5900  
Head Start 305-5900 x3055917
To contact teachers... email using the following format:

example: John_Doe@notes.k12.hi.us
Also, several teachers are using the app Remind.

Telephone Messages & Use

Phone messages to students are limited to emergencies only. Emergency messages will be delivered to the class. The office telephone is only for emergency use.

Teachers are unavailable to answer phones while class is in session. Messages can be left on their voice mail mailbox. If it is an emergency, notify the office for assistance at 305-5900.

Administration and Office Staff

Principal: Po‘okumu Makala Pa‘akaula

School Administrative Service Assistant: Ms. Lace Furuike (TA)
Office Clerk and Registrar: Ms. Kau‘i Gerona
Accounting Clerk: Ms. Drue-Ann Sherry
         Office Staff PTT: Waianuenue Turalde, Kamalei Ontai, and Aokea West

Health Aide: Mrs. Iwa Iosefa
Student Services Coordinator: Mrs. Andrea Lee

Behavioral Specialist: Mrs. Lisa Pemental-Dias
Social Worker: Mrs. Chanelle Omo

School Food Service Manager:  Ms. Ladine Galdeira
         Cook: Mrs. Princess Kinoshita
         Baker: Ms. Joy Manatad
         Meal Tracker Clerk: Mrs. Carol Pā‘ao‘ao

Custodian: Mr. David Castillo (TA)
         Ms. Geny Lei Miguel

Adult Supervisors and Classroom Cleaners:
         Ms. Sandra Ikene, Ms. Ellen Kama  and Stuart Robinson

Regular Education

Kindergarten A-2: Ms. Ululani Lum

Grade 1 room B-1: Mrs. Chante Inamasu

Grade 2 room C-2: Ms. Dayna Ahuna

Grades 3 room B-3: Ms. Rachel Kimura

Grades 3 room B-4: Ms. Marie Elia

Grade 4 room A-7: Ms. Tara McCraw

Grade 5 room A-8: Ms. Diane Peters

Grade 6 room A-9: Mr. Holden Awong

Hawaiian Language Immersion Program

Papa Mālaa‘o C-1: Kumu Dukie Akioka

Papa ‘Ekahi C-3: Kumu Māhealani Enos

Papa ‘Ekahi/ʻElua C-4 Kumu Kanoe Kealoha

Papa ‘Ekolu C-9: Kumu Kamakani Kahanu

Papa Ehā C-11: Kumu Malia Mataele

Papa ‘Elima C-7: Kumu Waianuhea Walk

Papa ‘Eono C-8: Kumu Hoʻopono Wong

Special Education

Pre-School A-3: Mrs. Anne Kiyosaki
       Ed. Assistant: Ms. Bonnie Colle

Pre-School A-5: Mr. Derek Nishimura
       Ed. Assistant: Ms. Kaitlyn Costa

Resource K-2 room A-1: Mrs. Kaʻimi Mālama
       Ed. Assistant: Ms. Ginelli Abalos
        ParaProfessional: Ms. Holly Garcia

Resource 3-6 room A-4: Mrs. Corrie Izumoto
       Ed. Assistant: Mrs. Linda Murakami
        ParaProfessional: Ms. Makana Richards

Support Staff

Art Resource PTT room A-6: Ms. Kalei Bulawan

Counselor/PBIS Co-coordinator B-7/office: Ms. Porsche Puʻulei-Storm

Curriculum Coordinator/Coach B-6: Mrs. Summer Sakai

English Language Learners (ELL) and Literacy Intervention: Mrs. Chris Au

Gardening PTT: Mr. Damian McPherson

HLIP Curriculum Coordinator C-10: Kumu Kaikaina Kekua

Junior Police Officer (JPO) Advisor PTT: Mr. Stuart Robinson

Kupuna room B-2: Mrs. Gwendolyn Lee

Librarian: Mrs. Patti Matsuura

Parent / Community Involvement EA B-2: Mrs. Carol Pā‘ao‘ao

Physical Education PTT B-7: Mrs. Maile Judd

Speech Therapist B-2: Mrs. Christine Sumimoto

Technology Coordinator B-5: Mr. Ray Kasadate

Other Support

Head Start Preschool A-3: Ms. Kelsie Ige
       Ed. Assistant: Ms. Maria Wilfahrt

Kamehameha Schools- Literacy Instruction & Support
Kāneʻohe Community Family Center (PACT: Parents and Children Together)- A family service agency
Pūnana Leo o Koʻolau Poko HLIP Preschool
United States Marine Corp Kāneʻohe