Aloha Parents,
Please use the main menu to select your child's grade level and appropriate Science Fair packet. Suggested Resources are also available.
        Grades 3-4 Group/Pair Research/Demonstrations
        Grade 5 Individual/Pair Experiments

        Grade 6 Individual Experiments

Students will be given instructions and a timeline for the various stages of his or her project.
        Quarter 1: Instruction
        Quarter 2: Students start their projects

        Quarter 3: School Science Fair & Submit 6th grade names to district

Guidance and help will be available during class. However, it is expected that most students will do the actual work of the project at home.  
REMINDER: Please encourage and support your child's work, but also let your child do the work on their own so he or she may feel the rewards of individual effort. Mahalo!

SAVE THIS DATE! Friday, January 13, 2017 --Pūʻōhala Science Fair
                             8 a.m.-noon Judging
                             12:15-2 p.m. Schoolwide viewing

  Purpose: The reason to conduct the experiment
  Hypothesis: An educated prediction or guess as to the outcome
        Format: If... then... because....
  Materials: Items and supplies being used
  Procedure: The steps or processes taken
  Observation: What happens/occurs during the experiment
  Conclusion: Outcome or findings
  Yes: The hypothesis was true
  No: The hypothesis was false or partially true
        Think: Change something and try again
  Report Results: Document what was done and what was learned