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Our Vision and Mission

Pū‘ōhala Elementary School will be a place where all students experience success in a positive, safe, and challenging learning environment.

  • There is a feeling of trust, respect and cohesiveness among students, educators, families and community.
  • Parents are actively involved in the educational process.
  • Students have first hand (hands on) activities.
  • Students feel they can get help.
  • Students feel safe and are treated fairly.
  • The curriculum provides a variety of learning experiences.

Our mission is to develop each student academically, socially, physically, and emotionally to reach their fullest potential as contributing members of society.

To achieve the ideals stated in both the Vision and Mission statements, the teachers and staff strive to provide a learning environment and academic program that supports proficient academic achievement while nurturing civic responsibility. A rigorous, standards-based curriculum where students can receive help when they need it is the basis of the Pū‘ōhala scholastic program. School and classroom success is built on the 5 R's : respect, responsibility, relationships, resilience and resourcefulness.


  • Parents are students' first teachers.
  • Students are active participants in the learning process.
  • Students require physical fitness activities to promote well-being.
  • Students should be challenged to achieve his/her potential.
  • Students deserve aesthetic enrichment opportunities.
  • Students possess individual strengths.
  • The school is a safe, learning environment.
  • As a team, the school community nurtures good citizenship.
  • Teacher's incorporate critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Teacher's provide opportunities for student application of these skills.
  • Everyone is treated equally with respect.


  1. Students will recognize and demonstrate quality performance and products using complex thinking and problem solving skills. (focus on student performance with emphasis on reading, writing and mathematics.)
  2. Students will demonstrate positive character traits by working cooperatively, practicing respect, and exercising independent learning. (focus on student citizenship (behaviors/attitudes) and parent involvement.

Pū‘ōhala supports the General Learner Outcomes of the Hawai‘i State Department of Education. These outcomes are integrated in the daily curriculum and form a separate, but equally important part of the standards-based report card. All students are assessed on each of these outcomes every quarter of the school year.

General Learner Outcomes (GLOs)
1. Self-Directed Learner
2. Community Contributor
3. Complex Thinker
4. Quality Producer
5. Effective Communicator
6. Effective and Ethical User of Technology

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